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P etalpusher Microgreens was founded in October 2018 and is owned by Cindy Sybrowsky Scheller of Medford.

Petal Pusher Microgreens was the inspirational idea that my late husband Mark and I came up with at the end of 2018. He’d had heard of microgreens over the years and after a bit of research he thought that growing microgreens would be fun and keep him busy in retirement.

We really didn’t know what we were doing at first, but he took some on-line classes and started to learn more. We loved the idea of growing for people that lived in our community! Mark built a special room for our Urban Garden in our garage. We grow with organic seeds in a special mix of dirt, in trays vertically. We felt it was important to have a small footprint to do our part for the environment.

We chose to use a refillable container for the harvested microgreens that are usually cut only a week or so after planting. We only use the dirt once, then it is recycled and taken to my son’s cactus farm to be reused. We fell in love with microgreens and all of the people we started to grow for! What a ride! In 2019 the pandemic hit and in October of 2020 we found out that Mark was critically ill. Even though we had a lot of stressful things to deal with personally because of his health, we continued to grow the business. I had to learn more and more of the growing side of the business and I am certainly grateful that I did. Mark transitioned out of his unhealthy body in June of 2022. In honor of him, I have continued our growing operation with the help of some great friends. Jacob helps with dirt and some of the watering. Lucy helps on seed day and Azalie helps on harvest day. We are growing with a lot of love!

Our grow room is a controlled environment with an aeros air system that keeps everything pristine. We love educating anybody who will listen about the amazing value of getting microgreens in your body.